Rated: 5 Stars

Okay, I’ll admit it, I love stories that also include a great dog, and this one has exactly that in Max–but Sapphire and Gold is the whole package when it comes to reading pleasure. The author builds her setting and characters with a sharp eye toward detail, but never makes the reader feel like the story has moved in a bunch of research. The characters are finely honed, and written to let their personal stories (and inner turmoil) unfurl with an easy precision that informs and intrigues a reader. Alexandra, or Lexi, is a terrifically sympathetic heroine, and one readers will root for without hesitation. Derek has enough alpha male in his veins to catch reader attention, but the author is quick to show flashes of his sympathetic sides so a reader sees there’s more to this ship captain than meets the eye. And don’t even get me started on the villain–an excellent choice.

Nothing is easy, the story stays complex and compelling. Nothing remains easy for the characters, but their strength, integrity, and intelligence keeps a reader interested in knowing what will come next. And writing kudos to the author on the fine setting, and ability to put me smack in the middle of Colonial America. Just a treat to read. 

Reviewed at by reader J.M. Rhine, 11-16-11


Rated: 4 Diamonds, Sensual

“Alexandra’s mine and mine alone!…no one will thwart my wedding…The underlying menace in Bartholomew’s tone sent chills slithering down Alexandra’s spine.” I was hooked from this point on and had to know about this unwanted wedding, about this evil-sounding man.

Alexandra Whittaker isn’t who she thought she was. The news comes out of the blue and changes her world and her life. Fleeing from the horrors she overheard, her life becomes even more complicated when she is rescued while fleeing by a dashing Sea Captain.

Derek Tremaine has felt guilt for years after losing a small girl left in his care. He has never stopped searching for her. While searching in Philadelphia for more possible answers, he saves an unconscious woman in the river. Her resemblance to the mother of the missing girl startles him even as he is drawn to her, and he helps her hunt for answers to her life. The journey they go on together isn’t easy, nor is getting along. But they grow together and their romance grows steadily as well.

The characters are very well developed, the backgrounds complex, the obstacles and conflicts enough to pull the reader through the story. Overall, this was an excellent read.

Reviewed by Starla Kaye for Got Erotic Romance Reviews, 9-9-10

Rated: A must read

Alexandra, known as Lexi, but only to the handsome sea captain, Derek Tremaine, has struggled in her young life–except her life really isn’t hers at all. When the sinister Bartholomew Taylor forces marriage upon the young gal, she flees, hoping to discover the truth of her lineage. What Alexandra hadn’t counted on was to end up in the arms and heart of Derek.

Penny Rader’s words and emotions leap from the pages of her novel. Her words flow seamlessly and grace the pages with smooth and velvety descriptions. I read this novel in one sitting. For the romantic girl in us all. Sapphire and Gold is a must read.

Reviewed by Long Live the Lit, 2-4-2010

Rated: 4.5 books

Imagine overhearing a conversation that changed the way you looked at your life. Imagine just one sentence shattering all you thought was true about your past. Just imagine what Alexandra Whittaker is facing at that very moment…

Having been kidnapped and blocked the memories, Alexandra has quite a shock the evening she overhears Bartholomew Taylor admit to kidnapping her. However, despite this shock, she gets out as soon as she can and sets out to find her parents. She really struggles with trying to reconcile what she once knew with what is now true and this causes much anxiety and insecurity on her part. Alexandra’s character, however, really does grow and evolve over the course of the story. She gains confidence, experience, and a whole new outlook. By the end of the story, she is a very likable, capable woman.

Derek Tremaine is caught between helping and strangling Alexandra. While he understands the trials she’s struggled through, he is also captain of his ship and used to being obeyed. So, he is quite thrown for a loop when confronted with an insecure, scared yet willful woman like Alexandra. But she teaches him patience while he teaches her confidence and they both emerge as better people all around. Not to mention the fact that they blossom into one explosively hot couple, hungry for each other’s bodies and souls.

This was a unique historical for me as I’ve never read one prior that was partially set on a ship without having had pirates in it. In addition to that aspect, it was loaded with action, suspense, and a bit of mystery, a little bit of everything to keep your interest alive. The romance between Derek and Alexandra was rocky at times, but as in life, when a couple overcomes so many obstacles, the love–and steamy, sexy love scenes–are so much stronger and better. An excellent, richly told read!

Reviewed by Cholla for The Long and Short of It Reviews, 10/16/09

Rated: 4 stars

The story line was well written, the characters all complimented each other. I enjoyed reading Sapphire and Gold.

Reviewed at by Readers Favorite (Hawesville, KY), 8/7/09

Rated: 4

The story line was well written, the characters all complimented each other but the book is quite sensaul almost from the beginning and throughout. For myself I would have liked to have seen more of an adventure side to it than the romance side as it was pretty easy to figure out what was going to happen. But for someone who likes the Historical Romance with less adventure then this book will be ideal.

Genre: Historical Romance, Sensual

Reviewed by: Lynn 7/25/09


A “Rose Petal” offering from The Wild Rose Press.


It’s Valentine’s Day and, despite pinning bay leaves to her pillow, no one has asked Laurel Whittaker to be his valentine. When handsome Jared Montgomery walks into her father’s apothecary shop, will he join in the Valentine’s Day merriment?

Review: 5 Stars

Totally cute story! I love this time period and am looking forward to the novel. By Cindy Green