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Lexi’s LAMB: Little Angels Memorial Benefit, founded in memory of my granddaugher, Lexi, provides God’s little angels with love, comfort and support.  For ways to help children in our local hospitals, please visit Lexi’s LAMB.  

“Click To Give”: For free ways to help others, click on the hunger site to provide food for the hungry, the literacy site to give books to children, the child health site to provide children with life-saving health care, the breast cancer site to provide women with free mammograms, and the animal rescue site to provide food for animals.

Free Rice: Improve your vocabulary and feed the hungry for free on Free Rice.

Goal Setting for Writers

5 Steps to Goal Setting

9 Ways to Jumpstart Your Writing Goal

Establish Effective Writing Goals

A Map to Your Goals

General Help for Writers

Pre-Writing with Collage

Book Collages

Balancing Writing and Family

Mom Writers Community

How to Build a Novel Notebook

The Novelist’s Bible: Creating a Project File

Creating Your Hero’s Fatal Flaw

Being, Doing, Becoming: The Heroic Strength, the Heroic Flaw, the Heroic Journey

Author Websites & Blogs

Starla Kaye’s Writing Tools Blog

Starla Kaye website

Roxann Delaney Blog

Joan Vincent website

Patricia Davids website